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  • You understand the contributions of plastics to a sustainable environment
  • You recognize that plastics favorably impact our daily lives
  • You are ready for sound science and trustworthy information to balance the criticisms of plastics put forth by the media
  • You know the importance of this manufacturing sector on the global economy

If you answered yes to any of these questions, donate now to The Future of Plastics Foundation to ensure not only the survival of the industry but to continue the contribution of plastics to future improvements in health, safety, sustainability and technology. If your company represents plastics technologies, equipment, supplies and end markets, or does business with these areas, we need your support.

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Now is the time for action. No other manufacturing industry directly affects as many sectors of the economy as plastics. Changing attitudes and credibly informing a complex and passionate debate won’t happen overnight. As the only trade association representing the entire plastics industry supply chain, SPI is uniquely positioned to coordinate and manage this outreach initiative through The Future of Plastics Foundation and garner the global support needed to successfully impact the conversation taking place. We look forward to working with you on this endeavor, which is critical to the future of our national economy, our environment and our public health and safety.

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